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Why Sex Toys Should Be Incorporated In Your Relationship

Are you or your partner curious on bringing in sex toys into the “normal routine” but not too sure about it? The use of sex toys has become very popular in the past decade, with 45% of couples using sex toys with their partners or either by themselves. If you’re in a relationship, incorporating a sex toy can add much needed excitement and enhance mutual pleasure. Couples who use sex toys enjoy a better connection with their own bodies and desires, more varied sexual habits, and greater sexual satisfaction with their significant other. 

Spicing Up The Normal Routine

In a long-term relationship, there may be times in which sex just becomes dreary or sparse, despite still loving and wanting to be with your partner. Think of your or your partners sex toy as a tool that helps build passion in your relationship. You and your partner can use sex toys to mutually masturbate, while other sex toys can be worn or shared. In addition to vibrators and penetrative sex toys, costumes and props can also help you and your partner discover new kinks and get more creative during sex play. If you use a sex toy independently, it can be a bit scary to introduce it bed with your partner; it may help facilitate a conversation that leads to a more fulfilling sex life. However you both should go into introducing sex toys open minded best of all it is always fun to try something new! Especially finding new ways on how both of you can have an amazing climax together.

More Orgasms All Around

Only about 18% of women report that they’re able to orgasm from penetration alone; the majority of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Using a vibrator on a partner during sex can help men in heterosexual relationships overcome feelings of inadequacy and pressure to perform. Watching a partner use a sex toy can also be visually arousing, and builds up tension during foreplay. 

Sexual pleasure is often a vital, meaningful component of an intimate relationship. Improving communication and overcoming judgment can lead to a more satisfying relationship all around. Talk openly with your partner about using a sex toy if you aren’t already using one, you both wont regret it in the long run.

Which Toy Is Best For Both Of You

There’s a vast variety of sex toys out there in the market. Which can make it a bit confusing on finding out which toy would be best for you and your partner. A quick breakdown on whats available are the following:

  1. Vibrators
  2. Bondage Gear
  3. Butt Plugs
  4. Dildos
  5. Strap-Ons
  6. Anal Beads

This is just a short list on whats on the market and if you’d like to know more details on these categories read more info on them here!

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