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3 Reasons Why Women Should Wear Lingerie

A woman once asked, “what is the point on wearing Lingerie?” Though many have come to believe it is pointless; since it will be “taken off”, but there is actually more to it than just that! So the real question is, why should Lingerie be worn?

Often what many couples do not understand is that sex all begins on what is on the mind. Couples paint a mental picture on what they desire. Many believe that it is just a man penetrating a woman. However, it is more than just penetration, sex all falls back on foreplay and believe it or not but foreplay is far more important than what people give it credit for.

Boost Confidence and Self-Care

Feeling confident in what we wear can make just about anyone appear more physically attractive, because now we will then tend to stand, walk, speak and gesticulate differently. The content of what woman say will suddenly become more persuasive and confidence is often associated with being recognized as sexy. Wearing lingerie can evoke feelings of womanhood, sexual deliverance and power.

There is a level of self-care and self-love that goes into buying beautiful undergarments or lingerie. Anything that one does to make themselves feel taken care of or loved can be self-care. When those whom take that leap on buying sexy lingerie feel like they are on top of the world! 

Teasing or Seducing Your Partner

Lingerie can also be a great way to tease and or seduce your partner. Making you significant other to drool over their partners. Lingerie can be a “pretty wrapping paper on a gift”, Lingerie can look so good but it is all what is underneath the lingerie that is what they really want. However, sometimes there will be those nights or days, where you and your partner may just want to get down to business straightaway but on other nights you may want to perform for your partner. Maybe dim the lights, have a nice glass of your favorite wine to add to the ambience, Lingerie can also be used as a prob which can help with teasing and seducing. Maybe even adding a few props such as handcuffs, blindfolds or restraints can spice things up even more!

Express Your Personal Identity

We choose clothes to make our activities safer or to make a statement. Clothing is our second skin and an outward display of our identity. Our social identity is directed toward an external world, whereas our personal identity is directed toward how we feel about ourselves. In this sense, lingerie provides the opportunity to express inner desires and instincts, free from any concerns about perceptions or obstruction from others.

Lingerie do not have to accommodate to such norms because normally lingerie are intended for our eyes only, or for the eyes of our partners. This freedom can be therapeutic for the wearer as it allows them to wear sets in styles that are a true reflection of their creativity and personal tastes. Wearing eccentric clothing that is a far departure from our norm can provide us with a sense of escapism. Therefore, for those who typically wear simple undergarments, wearing high-quality lingerie can double as a form of self-care as it will allow them the freedom to escape the everyday realities of everyday life.

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